Thursday, May 12, 2011

And you thought Shooters was bad...

London's a meat market. It's sad to say but it's true.

When I came here I expected the night life to be sophisticated, chic, glamorous even.
I'm sure in some places it is, Chelsea maybe where the girls wear cardigans and pearls.

But in the places I've experienced thus far it's most definitely not. In fact in one instance I entered a bar and was greeted by the most striking fellow vomiting at my feet. Nice.

At the time I vowed never to step foot in that bar again. Unfortunately last weekend I broke that vow. Zebranos isn't so bad generally, it's actually quite popular with an ok London crowd.

However, things went downhill after 1am when we progressed onto 'second' Zebranos, which is open till 3am.

Boys.Everywhere. Shooters territory...totes. But these guys take it one step too far.
Rather than a group of three guys gathering round you like in Shooters, men would grab you by the arm and pull you round, as if to say "you WILL dance with me".
Hmm actually I'm afraid buddy, that no I won't.
At one point during the night one certain male even told me I looked like I was gagging for it. Before you get ideas about my attire, no I didn't have a short skirt on, or cleavage on show, or red lipstick even.

This is all fine, perhaps I was just in the wrong bar, right? Wrong.
It's everywhere, even just walking down the street men (yes men, 30+ sometimes) are throwing smutty comments left right and centre.

I left work Wednesday afternoon, walking to the tube station, in deep thoughts about work-related subjects. Then I hear "'Allo gorgeous...hmm you're cheeky, don't be sad hunny gimme a smile." I'm not telling a word of a lie. (I wasn't sad, it was just my concentration face..)

What makes me furious is why these men think they can talk to women like this? There is no respect in this City.

To be honest I think it's purely because there are so many people in this city that it doesn't matter what men do, they're never going to see me again.
Don't get me wrong it's not all men, but I would say I encounter some form of gender objectification on a daily basis. A whistle, a look, a comment. And it makes life here hard.

Sure when you're 18 walking through the crowd at Shooters an innocent grope gives your ego a boost that you've never had before. At 24 in a professional capacity it's just not funny anymore. Grow up London.

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