Thursday, April 7, 2011

Young love...and less innocent displays of affection.

Every afternoon during this past week I've seen a pre-teen couple canoodling outside my tube stop.
I remember just what it's like. In fact the word canoodling may be a little too strong a word for what they were doing.
It's been more a fondling of fingers with the shyness, nervousness and excitement all showing on their faces.
Clearly they live in different directions from the tube station and are savouring every last second of feeling the butterflies in their stomach. They'll no doubt talk on the phone for an hour tonight while Mum rolls her eyes. Ah it's sweet.

If only every display of affection in London were as sweet. Unfortunately not.
It's scary just how open people are about what they'd clearly like to do to their mate. I have personally seen a couple all but having intercourse in Hyde Park. Not hidden behind a tree or anything. Right out in the open in the middle of a large patch of greenspace. Actually, I'm not certain the show was lacking penetration. What's even worse is that you simply just can't tear your eyes's so astonishing. Surely it must be in our genes - just like the curiousity to look at the scene of a fatal car accident as you drive past.

The tube presents an even worse platform for PDA. (Public Displays of Affection - for those of you who've been living in a cave.)
Here, especially on the last tubes on a Friday or Saturday ngiht, young couples feel free to openly tongue, and more, disturbingly. In this case one HAS to avert their eyes...the space is just too small. What makes it worse is it's never the attractive couples. Why do the more average looking pairs feel the need to flaunt the fact they have sex too? Are they trying to prove something?
"Sure I may not be overly pretty...but I still get laid"!?

But unfortunately, it does get worse.
Middle.Aged.Couples. Yes, they feel it's fine to engage in this act traditionally reserved for teenagers.
During my lunchbreak last week I witnessed one couple that fits into this category pashing and hand-up-shirt-action in the middle of Nero (similar to Starbucks). WHY!?
I'm not trying to ignore the fact "grown-ups" have fun too...but it was the middle of the day, on a Tuesday. Not as though they were getting frisky in the lead-up to the weekend!

It's like middle-agers don't have to adhere to grown-up rules in London, they can simply be teenagers, or the lack of privacy means they're allowed to disgust fellow city-goers.
I don't really care what it is but I don't think I should be put off my lunch because a couple literally can't get a room. Thoughts?